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Carlana Stone


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Austin, Texas - United States



Carlana Stone is an award-winning television producer with 20 years experience, having worked alongside some of the industry’s most notable trailblazers and creative professionals. She’s magically industrious in cultivating and maintaining relationships with key figures in all areas of the entertainment industry and marketplace.Carlana’s style is characterized by her wholehearted grit and straightforward approach, infused with a signature dose of ‘Sugah’ and Louisiana spice.It was while working as a television news reporter for ABC in Miami, that Stone mined herstorytelling skills and unearthed a penchant for the lightning-paced structure and quickdecision-making demands of broadcast news. This early experience paved the way for her successful transition into the world of reality TV production and development.Stone is a proven market maker across multiple disciplines. She is a freewheeling enthusiast, who knows no bounds. From concept creation and pre-production to final delivery, Stone intellectually evaluates lively social interactions and serves up leading edge content for television and the ever-evolving media landscape."I’ve always had a great imagination… like madness and extravagance. My love affair with the humancondition, tempered by my mind’s wild eye, has elevated me into a rapturous career in television production and development.”